Dirt Monkey

Management: Jesse Jackson // jesse (at) lvlmgmt.com
Booking: Jake Bernstein // jake.bernstein(at)unitedtalent.com


The term genre-bender gets tossed around a lot in music these days, especially in EDM. Few producers fully embody this phrase more than Boulder, CO’s Patrick, “Dirt Monkey” Megeath, however. This fifteen year veteran of the dance music scene has evolved his sound as a DJ and producer in a wide variety of bpms, tonalities, and contexts. He has collaborations with such diverse artists as Illenium, Jantsen, Savoy, Amp Live, Run DMT, JSTJR, Ruxell, Nathaniel Knows, IYFFE, and Tincup. There is no singular sub-genre that describes Dirt Monkey’s sound.
Perhaps this is what led him to found the groundbreaking record label, Kairos Audio, with his friend and production collaborator, Jantsen Robertson (Jantsen), a label that has quickly become known for an expectation-defying and captivating set of releases, including Dirt Monkey’s own “Chroma” album in September of this year and the smash “From the Back” with collaborator Nathaniel Knows in January 2016.

While cultivating new sounds with Kairos, Dirt Monkey has also cultivated a strong touring presence. He has commanded stages from Paris to Red Rocks and is a long time resident at on of the top clubs in the world, Beta Nightclub (Denver).