Tree Machines

Management & Booking: Jesse Jackson // jesse (at)


Tree Machines is an indie pop-rock duo from Lawrence, KS. Birthed in the year of our Lord, 2014, from the ashes of their old band, Sobriquet, Douglas Wooldridge and Patrick Aubry have honed the ability to create melodies that stick in one's head like a friendly smile, lyrics that speak to the generations wandering helplessly through this seemingly meaningless world, and rhythms that undulate in time and space like trees in a windstorm. When Tree Machines ends a song, the audience is left breathless and vulnerable, and when they begin again - electricity and ambiance fills the void that once was silent.

As individuals, Tree Machines members are kids raised apart. Together, they're brothers-in-arms. A synergetic wall of playful passion with vicious spaces of remorse and elation for the world they love and live in. With every song there is a sense of faint hope for a future worth working towards. They are able to capture the feelings of youth, vice, confusion, and longing for something so much bigger than this Midwest lifestyle.

Old ugly cites and their suburbs, wide open plains with fading small towns, all taken in by the closed circuit eyes of a band from Kansas. Tree Machines' music is anthemic in style and timeless in sound. This duo leaves one with a sense of urgency and devotion to a new style of rock matched by none in contemporary music. Tree Machines is the shining light in a dark and dying scene.