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Don't let this emoticon turned production alias fool you into thinking that Garrett Hickey is any kind of lightweight when it comes to musicality and production talent. This artist rapidly surpassed his status of being Connecticut's "best kept secret" in EDM, to being nationally respected as a top talent in the Moombahton movement that has been gradually invading every corner of electronic music.

Formerly a rock musician with professional proficiencies in guitar and drums, : Dface made a huge cross-genre leap when his pervasive love of moombahton lead him to retire the strings and sticks in 2011. It was only a matter of months before this self taught producer and long time musician was getting the nod from the more well established names in the moombah world for his abilities, innovation, and stylistic sound. It was clear that this artist's jump to electronic production was the right move early on; with only a couple month's worth of casual music making, : Dface was scooped up and signed to NYC's Rot10Musik who have been at the forefront of pushing moombah from the underground to the mainstream with the surprising strength of their release schedule.

Signing with Rot10Musik after just 2 months of production and linking up with the likes of Sazon Booya, : Dface saw immediate support and a swift jump from casual production to the #15 spot of Beatports Top 100 Electro House Releases chart. With his first release, "Mean Mug" EP, : Dface was dubbed the "fastest rising artist in Moombahton" and "Moombahton master" via thriving blogosphere sites First in the Air and Craze Base, as well as "one of the great success stories of 2011" by Moombah+ Radio. : Dface's chart placement and frequently played banger remixes place him among the billboard likes of Feed Me, Tiesto, Zedd, and countless more.

Through the support of the blogosphere sites like Into the AM, Rhapsody, First in the Air, Earmilk, Dubco, Moombahton.com, Craze Base, White Folks Get Crunk, the Hype Machine, Moombah+ Radio and MoombahThong, : Dface has experienced a reception virtually unknown in his 25,000+ downloads in a single season. Boosted and frequently dropped by Moombahton royalty reps Bro Safari, Evol Intent, Ludachrist, Munchi, Nadastrom, Valentino Khan, Market Price, Dooze Jackers, Must Die and David Heartbreak, : Dface's presence on the scene is both infectious and violently supported.

His latest work, No Stopping, launched on March 26th will likely eclipse his previous titles on the charts, especially as it is already ranked 30th out of 100. As a signal to just how much Rot10 is throwing their support behind their newly found CT powerhouse, the team (consisting of Etc!Etc!, Kid Cedek, Bro Safari, Sazon Booya and : DFace) has been destroying venues around the country, finally wrapping up their "No Stopping Tour" at the end of April 2012.

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